It takes more than hearing aids. It takes the right hearing aid systems.

Our Hearing Care Services

Since every person is unique, and their hearing loss individual, we have a wide selection of hearing aids and hearing solutions. Allow Harbor Hearing to guide you to hear the sounds that you have been missing for so long. We will consider your particular level of hearing and personal lifestyle.

Complete Hearing Evaluation

When you come in, we’ll perform a complete hearing aid evaluation, including a hearing test and Speech and Word Testing, to determine the best hearing aid for your needs.

Hearing Aid Fittings

We’ll make sure your hearing aid is the right instrument for you. We’ll adjust it for you and we’ll also instruct you on the care of your new hearing aid and schedule follow-up visits for adjustments as needed.

Hearing Protection

We partner with several custom earmold labs to offer products including musician filtered earplugs, in-ear monitor systems, custom earbuds, swimmer plugs, and custom electronic shooter plugs.

Hear For You

Located in San Pedro, CA, Harbor Hearing provides the kind of hearing care you should expect from a provider. As your preferred hearing center, our goal is to help you reclaim your hearing and your independence. Find your location to begin your journey to better hearing.

Digital Hearing Aid Brands

Oticon hearing aids - Harbor Hearing
Phonak hearing aids - Harbor Hearing
Widex hearing aids - Harbor Hearing
Starkey hearing aids - Harbor Hearing

Are You Ready To Hear Better?

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